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About CSRC

Our Goals

The Community Supervision Resource Center (CSRC) is funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and supports research-based and data-driven community supervision approaches that achieve safety, success, and equity for justice-system agencies, the people they serve, and their communities.

The CSRC collects and shares foundational and current resources about adult community supervision, translates research findings into actionable policies, and provides accessible and responsive training and assistance to justice agencies and community members.

Improving Community Supervision

The CSRC supports pretrial, probation, and parole supervision agencies and helps them to align their operations with best and evidence-based practices. We assist state, local, and tribal jurisdictions and agencies in implementing supervision policies, programs, and practices that promote successful outcomes and ensure public safety.

The CSRC recognizes that agencies may benefit from more support to continue to improve outcomes for the people served and their communities. Through centralizing critical resources, offering trainings, and providing technical assistance, the CSRC will strengthen adult supervision agency practices and build a network of practitioners committed to pursuing innovative and best practices.

The Center for Effective Public Policy

The Center for Effective Public Policy (CEPP) manages the CSRC. CEPP is a national nonprofit that helps practitioners, policymakers, and communities reimagine a justice system that works for all. CEPP works on projects across the spectrum of the criminal legal system – from pretrial to sentencing, as well as corrections, probation, parole, and reintegration. We partner with teams from local, state, and tribal jurisdictions to improve their systems of justice and advance community well-being. We support teams that include diverse perspectives and voices, share our expertise and experience, promote research-informed and emerging promising practices, and facilitate equitable, systemic, and sustainable change.

Our Partners

Additional Support

Learn about other entities providing support to the community supervision and other justice-related fields.

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