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Technical Assistance

Technical assistance (TA) refers to the specialized guidance, assessment(s), or training(s) provided by a subject matter expert to a selected jurisdiction. The expert, known as a technical assistance provider, works in partnership with the selected sites; they assist sites in various ways, including providing relevant expertise; mentoring or coaching local stakeholders; facilitating collaborative workgroups or teams; providing training; and supporting change management. The activities and topics that a TA provider may help with are countless; examples include assessing and developing recruitment and retention strategies, developing a policy on compliance and non-compliance, training on trauma-informed community supervision practices, and assessing alignment with evidence-based policies.

CSRC technical assistance providers are available to deliver discrete, ad hoc, on- and off-site technical assistance on topics related to community supervision for pretrial, probation, and parole agencies. If your agency needs personalized support or you simply wish to connect with a subject matter expert on a specific topic, submit a request for technical assistance.

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