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Pretrial, Probation, and Post-Release Supervision: Compare and Contrast

August 13, 2024


When a person receives services in the criminal justice system, whether it’s through pretrial, probation, or post-release supervision, they are presented with opportunities for significant personal growth and change. While the specific objectives of these services may vary, their overarching aim is to enhance community safety by fostering individual progress and minimizing further harm.

Join the CSRC on August 13th, 2024, from 1:00-2:30 p.m. ET for a discussion on the definitions and legal foundations of pretrial, probation, and post-release supervision and explore their similarities and differences. Increase your understanding of best practices in community supervision that promote success and the importance of measuring those practices. This interactive webinar will offer ideas on how to incorporate evaluation into your agency’s operations and showcase existing methods.

Featured faculty include:

  • Tanya Anderson, Associate Director, CEPP
  • Denise Symdon, Senior Manager, CEPP
  • Michael Beltran, Justice Policy Consultant, CEPP

Award# 15PBJA-22-GK-01739-MUMU is sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and administered by the Center for Effective Public Policy (CEPP), in partnership with the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA), the Association of Paroling Authorities, International (APAI), the Center for Justice Innovation (CJI), and the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NAPSA).

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